I was raised in a small town in Pennsylvania, population of 1,000.  At an early age my mother introduced me to art through her sketch pad.  I spent many hours drawing in my own pad, usually scenes from comic books.  That introduction led me to pursue mechanical drafting and design, which to me was an extension of drawing.  This was back when draftsman used pencils and not computers.  After finishing degrees in Finance and an MBA the career took turns in managerial aspects of engineering and construction projects far away from my love of drawing.

As my life turned the page from a long and exciting career and ventured into retirement I knew exactly what I wanted to do next.  Get back to my roots of drawing.  But also knew that the black and white of the old sketch pad would not be sufficient, it needed to have color.  With the aid of the internet and a firm background in perspective and form from my drafting and design background, I set out to self-teach myself to paint.  Acrylics became my medium of choice due to its easy cleanup and vividness of color.

I have been painting now for over 10 years and have enjoyed this journey.  Each painting comes with new challenges and each one becomes an expression of what the mind can imagine. 

I believe everyone should be able to have original art and receive the therapeutic enjoyment that it brings.  To that end I have priced my works as modestly as possible.  I would encourage you to reach out to me with an idea and a size that may be just right for you and let me give you a quote so you can have a custom original painting hanging in your house or office.  Or if you see something in the portfolio of completed works contact me for purchase and shipping arrangements.

Hoping you enjoy my works.  Best   Stefan